Bitcoin before complete crash: One of the most technologically advanced countries plans to ban crypto-culverts

In South Korea, a “war” is under way between the authorities and regulators against cybrotags and companies that deal with them.

Earlier this week, a raid was announced in six of South Korea’s largest crypto currency exchange changers suspected of evading tax payments.

“The authorities in this case are treating bitkoin and other crypto-currents as gambling and think that something illegal is happening in this area,” the owners of the exchange offices being investigated said.

Today, there is another bad news coming from this country – the South Korean authorities plan to introduce a law banning cyber-trades trading.

“There is great concern about virtual currencies and the Ministry of Justice is preparing a law banning trade with them,” said Minister Sang-Ki.

The basic motive for the ban is the fact that investing in this form of capital brings great risk and can cause significant financial damage.

The government plans to conduct a serious dispute with the agencies and regulators responsible for this area, and then the bill will have to be passed in parliament.

After the announcement of this news, the price of the main world crypto-currency – bitcoin dropped to a level below 13 thousand dollars, but as it usually happens – it soon began to increase.

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